2014 Foals

In-Utero and Newborn Foals

These options are for buyers who select a In-Utero or Newborn Foal and plan to pick up the foal at weaning age (4 to 6 months of age). You select the foal you want and place a non-refundable deposit to hold your foal and take it off the market. A minimum deposit of 25% of the purchase price or at least $500 (whichever is higher) is required. Monthly payments on the foal are required with the balance due at the time of weaning. We keep the foal until it is weaned and you then can pick it up. If the foal is picked up at weaning time there will be no additional charges for feed and/or care. If we agree to set up the payments to extend beyond weaning age then board will be charged for the foal until it can be paid in full and picked up.

Foals are given de-wormer at 10 days of age and again at the time of weaning. First vaccinations are done at 6 months of age if the foal is still with us at the buyer's expense.

For your convenience, several forms of payment are accepted: Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, Cash and PayPal. Discounts will be given on the sale price if the foal is paid in full up front. Any fees associated with PayPal transactions will be paid by the buyer.

Vet exams prior to purchase are always welcome and encouraged. We have nothing to hide and buyer's are welcome to have horses tested for anything they want and x-rayed if they wish at the buyer's expense. All Vet Exams, Vet Work, Farm Calls/Trip Charges, Coggins Tests, Health Certificates, or other vet expensies are at the buyer's expense. Buyer's may also request and Ultrasound on any pregnant broodmare to re-check and confirm pregnancy status.

Ownership of the foal will remain with us along with any Registration Papers until after the foal has been paid in full along with any board, vet bills and/or other expenses have been paid and the foal has been picked up.

We are more then happy to allow owners of foals purchased In-Utero choose the registered name of said foal if the request is made and approved prior to the birth of the foal otherwise the foals will be named by us at the time of birth.

Foals by Poco Dun Blue N Bueno

Foals by Red Laredo Blue

Foals by Powder River Nic

Foals by Outside Stallions